[Fun time] Dare You Try A Coal-like Cake?

Hey, guys! Happy Sunday!

Are you ready to go out to have a big meal?

By the way, have you ever tried some special food?

Dare you try it?

Do you think it is a lump of coal?

Not really!!This coal-like cake is made out of rice.

Isn’ t it cool? Do you want to try it?

How about this one?

Worms!! Worms!! 

Can you believe the worms are rich in protein?

And many people love them very much!

I guess most of you hate what Chinese called “pidan”, which is selected as the most disgusting food in the world. However, Chinese people never love it less. 

Oh god! What are they?

Actually, they are the porcine brains!!

Not many of us are willing to try such kind of food, but those who are willing to may think “this special food” tastes fresh and delicious. And more importantly, they deeply believe that it is good for their own brains after having the food. Amazing!

As a result, some of the special food, like what we mentioned above, may easily decrease our appetite.

What special food you have ever tried?

Please share your comments or pictures down below. We really can’t wait to see your comments!!!

See you all next time.


Look forward to your reply!

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  • Oh my god! It’s disgusting lol, I bet I never try that brain, it’s looks so crazy, but I think I will give a try to coal-like cake, it’s look interesting!

  • OMG! I am very excited to try above food, cause like dare for me 😂

  • I have never tried such kinds of foods. I personally don’t like these foods. But I am not intended to use the word “worse” or “bad” for these foods. Every people has their separate likes and dislikes.That’s why they are so much in demand all over the world. It can happen that what we like to eat may appear to those who don’t like to eat to be disgusting. So I have never had these and will never try to have those. But I never hate those who like to eat them.

  • i never try such kind of food. though i like Korean and chinese culture, their people, the way of living but personally i don’t like their food. whenever i get chance to visit these countries i give try to eat some food like kimchi.

  • I’ve never tried such kinds of foods. Besides, I never want to try them. It’s not all the food I can eat for I’m a moslem.

  • We don’t use ugly “word” for food but these are like yak….. I didn’t taste them may be these are good in taste but personally I wouldn’t like to try them. Indian food is great and I’m absolutely okay with it and I don’t like china and Chinese food as well.

  • wow it’s very funny to here you know guys Chinese people may look likes smart and good but they are bad at eating such type of crazy foods lol; i”ll never ever dare to eat any food like that

    • I don’t think Chinese people are good looking……….. short hight, half closed eyes, broad face is not definition of good looks.

  • I think that food is delicious…
    But, many people can’t eat some food

  • Hmmm I’m not sure if I have tried the kind of foods. Haha I think I have never had that experiences with these foods

  • Honestly when i ws reading this blog…i ws lyk ughhh yakhh!! I never had a try to such foods but except those brains..n idk what brain this ws bt i tried goat brain n itx nt that bad…bt nt that gokd though… i also had an experience of that worm curry smell that used to come frm our neighbourhood…n that ws uhmmm! Disgusting.
    .lol i shouldn’t say that bt….disgusting i mean…haha

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