[Buzzword] Are You Always Mansplaining Your Girlfriend?

Hiya! Welcome to today’s [Buzzword]. Before we start today’s topic, let’s review the last episode. Here’s the answer to the practice of the last episode:

“Chillax” is coined by “chill” and “relax”.

In this period, let’s learn a new word “mansplain”.

What is “mansplain”?

When a man explains something to a woman in a patronizing tone as if the woman is too emotional and illogical to understand.


The term mansplaining was inspired by an essay, “Men Explain Things to Me: Facts Didn’t Get in Their Way”, written by Rebecca Solnit. In the essay, Solnit told an anecdote about a man at a party who said he had heard she had written some books. She began to talk about her most recent, on Eadweard Muybridge, whereupon the man cut her off and asked if she had “heard about the very important Muybridge book that came out this year”—not considering that it might be Solnit’s book. Solnit did not use the word mansplaining in the essay, but she described the phenomenon as “something every woman knows”.


I just had a guy mansplaining my own job to me.


Fill in the blank with “explain” and “mansplain”.

He is ____ all these things to me patiently.

He is ____ my own business to me now.

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