[Phrases] Funny Idioms About Fruit&Vegetables

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the [Phrases] column. The answers to the last episode are:

1. B

2. A

Today, let’s learn some funny idioms about fruit and vegetables!

1.bean brain

Someone is very stupid.

He’s such a bean brain.

2. know beans about sth.

Know nothing about sth.

She knows beans about computer.

3. as cool as a cucumber

Calm and unflustered

She is as cool as a cucumber in solving the problems.

4. a bunch of corn

something wonderful

The movie was a bunch of corn.

5. a bowl of cherry

something perfect

Life isn’t always a bowl of cherry.


1.This game is a bunch of ____.

2. She knows ____ about that computer game.

That’s all for today!

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