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In today’s topic, let’s talk about a spiritual event happened in the U.S. 200 years ago. That is Bell Witch Haunting.

There are rumors of various spiritual events or supernatural phenomena in all parts of the world. But almost all of them are just rumors and fail to be proved. However, Bell Witch Haunting is the only officially identified ghost killing case in American history.

The story:

In the early 19th century,John Bell moved to a community in Robertson County, Tennessee. In the next few years, this family had lived a quiet life. Until one day in 1817, John had a full meal and was ready to work in the fields, so he happily wandered around the cornfield. But as he walked into the cornfield, he suddenly found something was moving toward him quickly. Since the straw was too high, he failed to see anything, just hearing it getting closer and closer.

When the animal appeared in front of him, he was shocked. It was a kind of animal that he had never seen before. It is about the size of a hound, but it has a rabbit head with a person’s face and a hound body. Before he was able to respond, the strange animal flew away quickly.

Since then, strange things have happened one after another. First, on a certain night, when everyone was eating at the table, they suddenly heard someone knocking at the door. At that time, John thought that it was a slave who had come to look for him. He opened the door, but there was no one outside the door. Later when everyone was sleeping, some people were slapping and scratching the window, and the sound was getting louder and louder so that everyone was scared. However, after opening the window, nothing was found outside again.

One night, when one of John’s daughter Betsy was asleep, she suddenly flew up in the air. She was very scared and screamed and the screaming woke up everyone in the house. When everyone rushed into her house, she was still in the air. So the family members pulled the hair of her and grabbed the foot and finally let her land on the bed. Betsy suddenly opened her eyes. What made everyone feel scared was that her eyes turned red and her teeth became very sharp. She was like a monster. Then, She said in a very sharp voice: Everything is just getting started! After a short time, she finally woke up again, and this time she turned back what she was and forgot all the things that happened before.

The second thing happened to John himself. John fell ill after that and on a Sunday morning, John didn’t wake up. When his son saw it, he went back to the big room to find medicine, but the medicine box in the room was empty, only a small brown bottle with unknown liquid was found. Since the situation is very critical, he took it back to the blacksmith’s house.

After drinking the medicine, John opened his eyes, improved his spirits and ate something. The family quickly went to the doctor, but even the doctor did not know what medicine was in the bottle. So they decided to give the medicine to a cat. To their surprise, this cat died a few hours later.

The next day, John Bell died, and the court ruled that he was killed by “ghost”. Hundreds of local people participated in Bell’s funeral, and at the funeral, a woman’s sound claimed that her mission was completed and she would come back 7 years later to kill all the family members.

The story ends here. And in the next period, we will tell you who was the woman suspected by the police.

So, do you believe this story? How do you see the story?

Talk about the spiritual events or supernatural phenomena you know and leave your comments below. Looking forward to see them!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Such a scary story…….but last thing was suspensive that why John took that medicine without knowing…
    If he died due to medicine reaction then there is nothing to do with witch….isn’t it????

  • I think that the spiritual things or paranormal incidents are some very unsolved mysteries. However , we can conclude that the psychological condition may be responsible for it.Flew in air of Betsy , if we talk about it , is some kind of energy , not energy but something more than energy, which could not be understood by humans since today. The last thing that I wanna conclude is that there is something on this one strange rock-( on The Earth) which is in front in our eyes but beyond our imagination , as it is beyond our imagination so we can’t see it. Isn’t it.

  • It is a scary story but I think it can’t be held as a real ghost story. It can be a murder because firstly, we are told of a strange animal which is a rabbit-headed person with a hound body. Such kind of ghost is somehow impossible. May be there was a person behind that mask. Then when Betsy became the victim of such incident. She is the only person who became the victim. It means these all are pre-planned by Besty. If it would be the deed of a witch then she would not need any poison to kill John because she would be so powerful that she could kill him with her supernatural powers but she took help of a poison so it can be held as a murder which was started by Besty and also she was a perticipant of these happenings.

  • Seem it’s like other horror revange murder story .. but at that time it was hard to have investigation tool to get the real answer .. so decide relate the incident with something superstition which influenced by people culture in that 200 years ago time .. if the revange connected with witch stuff, thus this story is a curse .. driven by dark energy

  • So curious about who is the woman that demanded murder to all the John’s family members. Never read this story like this before, but I believe that spiritual events and supranatural really do exist.

  • I don’t belebel in ghost story.. But these stories are very scary and entertaining to read .

  • It was very interesting story
    But it’s just a fiction
    I have seen such time of supernatural events in many horror movies

  • This story is tooo different… It’s not so natural as it can happen in anyone’s life…

  • I like the story because it is full of suspense. I think John Bell would have been a guilty that’s why the ghost appeared and told to take avenge from the family.
    I’ve heard plethora of stories about this subject when I was a child and I think these things are still present today but we can’t see them .
    However I believe in supremacy of GOD.

  • Assalam O Alaikum
    Well i am new here just to improve my English more professionally, Anyway in my opinion betsy will be suspected by police…

  • I dont believe in ghosts, however, this story looks to be real. I think there is something wrong or missing. Maybe investigating during that perood was not robust enough.

  • Interesting enough, former President, Andrew Jackson had an encounter with the Bell Witch, herself. He was riding through town in a horse and buggy carriage when the position on the carriage could not be pulled correctly.

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