[Grammar] 8 Common Mistakes In English

Hi guys! Do you still remember what we learned in the last episode? Here are the answers:

1. look
2. is
3. lose

In this period, let’s learn 8 common mistakes in English. I am sure most of you have made some of the mistakes.

Example 1
Today morning I woke up late.
It should be: This morning I woke up late.
Explanation: In English, people tend to use “this morning” instead of “today morning”.

Example 2
What’s the different?
It should be: What’s the difference.
Explanation: The word “different” is an adjective. We need a noun here.

Example 3
I met John two years before.
It should be: I met John two years ago.
Explanation: The word “before” should not be put at the end of a sentence. It should be “before sth.”

Example 4
This is a six-months course.
It should be: This is a six-month course.
Explanation: When you use “-“, you needn’t put “s”.

Example 5
Thank you. I really enjoyed.
It should be: Thank you. I really enjoyed myself.
Explanation: enjoy oneself.

Example 6
Did you loose your cellphone?
It should be: Did you lose your cellphone.
Explanation: It’s a pronunciation mistake. The word “loose” means “not firmly or tightly fixed in place”.

Example 7
This is an academic course.
Explanation: This sentence is right. But you should be careful with the pronunciation of the word “academic”.

Example 8
Yes, I have a free time.
It should be: Yes, I have free time.
Explanation: The word “time” is an uncountable noun.


Fill in the blanks with correct forms

1.____ morning I got up late

2. I met him two years ____

3. I really enjoyed____.

That’s all for today!

Don’t forget to share your answers with us!

Look forward to your reply!

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