[Song] Charlie Puth – Slow It Down

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2.spring time


Today let’s listen to Charlie Puth’s Slow It Down and fill in the blanks!
I’ve got a situation, this girl been ??? (1 word missing) me
Saying she better be the only one
My life is complicated, she’s only 23
I’m not the guy that she’s supposed to love
Oh the more that I tell her I’m not ??? (2 words missing)
The harder she makes it to go
Oh the more that I try to ??? (1 word missing)┬áher this won’t work
The faster she takes off her clothes
Girl you’ve gotta slow it down
I’m not tryna fall for you
Girl you’ve gotta slow it down
I can’t give it all to you
Even though I want to
She knows just what she doing
She fucking with my head
Wrapping her legs so tight around my waist
Two in the afternoon
But we still ain’t out of bed

Enjoy the video of Charlielive performance:

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