[Phrases] 5 Funny Slang Words For Mistakes We Make

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the [Phrases] column. The answers to the last episode are:

1. Weary
2. Smirk
3. Grin

As we know, mistakes are inevitable for everyone. Today we will learn some funny words to help you talk about your mistakes. Probably, if you use these words, people may let go of your mistakes!

1. Blooper noun

= an embarrassing mistake that you make in front of other people

Boy, did my boss make a blooper today?!

2. Boo-boo noun

= a silly mistake

I made a bit of a boo-boo asking her about David!

What’s more, “boo-boo” is a child’s word for a cut or other minor injury. 🙂

3. Slip up phrasal verb

= make a small or unimportant mistake.

There were occasions when we slipped up.

4. boner noun

= a clumsy blunder

She made a classic boner and married a crook.

5. screw up phrasal verb

= cause something to fail or be spoiled.

Get out. Haven’t you screwed things up enough already, you idiot!


1. He made a ____ this morning in the presentation. He suddenly forgot his script in front of 2000 people.

A. Boner

B. Blooper

C. Boo-boo

D. Screw up

2. Everything seems perfect on his date with Susan but he ____ after he called her Sarah.

A. Screw it up

B. Slip up

C. Boner

D. Boo-boo

That’s all for today!

Hope you can use these words to hide your embarrassment. 🙂

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