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Submarine Pyramid: Aliens Live Under The Sea?

The answer is:

The story is real!

I think RFK’s explanation is reasonable, to some extent.

In this episode, I select a funny moment from The Big Bang Theory. Leonard and his new date Stephanie invites Sheldon to watch a movie. 

In the theater, they have a “nice” conversation. Sheldon talks in his typical style and makes others speechless, or even want to shut him up! 

Leonard’s facial expression tells us that he is annoyed by Sheldon, partly because he is on a date! 

Suddenly Sheldon stands up and looks for his sweet seat. By the way, he is not searching the seat already printed on the movie ticket.

He makes his way around the cinema, selecting seats and calling out strange noise, like “Ah…”, and everyone in the theater stares at him! It’s so embarrassing that Leonard just wants to pretend not to know him!

At last, he chooses to sit like this when watching the whole movie:


What’s the secret of the sweet seat Sheldon looks for?

Tips: Think about Sheldon’s spot in his department. He has little tolerance for anybody who tries to sit there.

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Can’t wait to read your creative answers!

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