[Guess!] When Your Friend Embarrasses You In Public…

Howdy! Welcome back to [Guess!] Let’s look over the last episode:

Submarine Pyramid: Aliens Live Under The Sea?

The answer is:

The story is real!

I think RFK’s explanation is reasonable, to some extent.

In this episode, I select a funny moment from The Big Bang Theory. Leonard and his new date Stephanie invites Sheldon to watch a movie. 

In the theater, they have a “nice” conversation. Sheldon talks in his typical style and makes others speechless, or even want to shut him up! 

Leonard’s facial expression tells us that he is annoyed by Sheldon, partly because he is on a date! 

Suddenly Sheldon stands up and looks for his sweet seat. By the way, he is not searching the seat already printed on the movie ticket.

He makes his way around the cinema, selecting seats and calling out strange noise, like “Ah…”, and everyone in the theater stares at him! It’s so embarrassing that Leonard just wants to pretend not to know him!

At last, he chooses to sit like this when watching the whole movie:


What’s the secret of the sweet seat Sheldon looks for?

Tips: Think about Sheldon’s spot in his department. He has little tolerance for anybody who tries to sit there.

That’ all for today’s episode!

Can’t wait to read your creative answers!

Check the answer in the next episode!


Look forward to your reply!

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  • May be he was looking for a seat where he can sit alone because he was feeling alone as everybody has come with their partners even his friend also has come with Stephanie, his new date and he was making such embarrassing sound so that nobody would want to sit beside him with his partner and he would not feel alone after seeing them. As being alone is far better to him than being alone staying with others, it is more painful. I think it is the secret of his sweet seat

  • I know the answer! Sheldon is looking for the seat with best acoustic effect! And the seat is Leonard’s. That’s why he is watching movie leaning towards Leonard!

  • If my friend had embarrassed me in the public, I would have felt very bad, because being a good friend, he can’t do like this, he can’t be so mean.. .. Showing apathy. . .

  • Mmmmmmm .. since i havent seen this episode yet .. could be Sheldon , He’s stay bothering Leonard and keep make any strange noisy that also bother the movie’s watcher without any guilty feeling 🤒😲.. like you mention above that ,

    ” Sheldon talks in his typical style and makes others speechless, or even want to shut him up! ” .. and little tolerance

    It’s only my imagination no judge 😂😁

  • I should kill that guy who embarrasses me infront on public!!!.

  • U must have to spot the name of the character in starting. By writing their name along with pic…. .many of us having or facing this types of confusion.. Who is

    • Sorry for your unpleasant reading experience. Thank you for your suggestion! We will improve it in the next episode!

  • Leonard wanted to watch the movie with Stephanie. Leonard didn’t want Sheldon to join them. Sheldon realized this fact and he decided to watch the movie despite of being aware the fact. Thus the secret behind Sheldon looks for a sweet seat may be both he wants to enjoy the movie and he wants to spoil the mood of Leonard.

  • firts he think that he will be comfartable on other seat but when he feel insulted so he come back and sit with his friend

  • What is this sry i don’t understand anything 😫😫😫😫

  • I think he can sit alone because he can understand that his friend need some privacy and Leonard was annoyed with his irritating talk.

    • Me also want to learn English but i couldn’t understand How?

  • I think Sheldon trying to be over smart person
    When people look at him he feel ashamed

  • I think Sheldon’s want to melted condition bcs he know Leonard got a weird moment (on a date) and he’s just want to help leonard

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