Hey guys! Happy Friday! Rest days are coming!

It ’s time to learn English. Let’s look over the last episode:

Some interesting comments are shared as below:

What Yumna said really left a deep impression on me. It is impossible for us to get opportunities anytime and anywhere, but it is always right if we keep hard-working.

However, there are always some people who hold different opinions.

A majority of people consider that both are equally necessary. In my opinion, only if many factors work together can they make success finally. 

Now let’s move on to today’s topic.

When choosing a job, we have to consider many factors, including our interests, the salary provided, etc. For some of us, we want to take our interests as our jobs, simply because we can always enjoy them. For example, how wonderful it will be if we manage to be figurants when we extremely like acting. However, others may argue that figurants are underpaid. It is totally unwise to choose a job only thinking about interests.

So what’s your opinion?

Should we take interests as our future jobs?

Please share your comments.

I  can’t wait to interact with you!!

See you next Friday!