Hi! Guys! How ’s your day? Have you had your breakfast?

During breakfast, I had a funny conversation with my mom this morning.


Oh, ~~I am so hungry! I’m gonna cook some delicious food for myself.


??? Are you serious? Are you sure you can cook?


Oh~Right. There are always some great differences between the food I cooked in expectation and reality. 

What about you??

LOL!This is when we want to have Poached Eggs. 

What if we want to make some pancakes?

Fine! We can’t stand anymore.

We are no longer hungry. What about just having some desserts?

LOL! What great differences! Most of us expect to be a good cook, but some of us are not good at cooking at all. However, at least we tried, right?



Are you good at cooking?

Please share your comments or pictures down below. We really can’t wait to see your comments!!!

See you all next time.