[Buzzword] Hangry Is Just An Excuse?

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Do you have such experience: You are hungry and growing hungrier with every passing moment. Your hunger is making you increasingly upset, irritable and angry. It’s called “hangry“.

Extended hunger can have serious consequences. The word ‘hangry‘ is a concise way to describe a common feeling. It is a blend of hungry” and “angry,” according to OED.

As it turns out, being hangry could be ruining your relationship and causing you to fight with your significant other.

Psychologists have traditionally thought of hunger and emotions as separate, but growing scientific evidence suggests that your physical states can shape your emotions and cognition in surprising ways.

An example of hangry is perfectly illustrated in Snicker’s popular campaign, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Yes, maybe you’re hungry and starting to feel road rage, overwhelmed with your task deadline, or wounded by your partner’s words. But amid the heat of those feelings, if you can, step back for a moment and notice your growling stomach.

This could help you recognize that hunger is part of why you feel particularly upset. This awareness then gives you the power to still be you, even when you’re hungry. 😀


As we know, “hangry” is coined by “angry” and “hungry”. The best way to deal with hangry is chillax.  What does “chillax” mean? Write down the two words that coin it below! 🙂

The answer will be revealed in the next episode! 

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