[Buzzword] Are You A ‘Snowflake’?

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Have you ever met a “snowflake”? Here I don’t mean a real snowflake which you can usually see when it’s snowy. Actually, a “snowflake” can also refer to:

A very sensitive person. Someone who is easily hurt or offended by the statements or actions of others. (From Urban Dictionary)


Don’t criticize Jane for what she did. She’s a snowflake and you’ll only upset her.

Apparently a snowflake is not just a little white speck of a winter flurry that we wish for on Christmas day. Lately the term has been used as a slang insult, often used in a derogatory way to suggest that people — often, but not always, young people — who take offense to anything from political policy changes to offensive comments are as weak and vulnerable as a speck of snow.

But the slang term isn’t new — and its use has evolved quite a bit.

In Missouri in the 1860s, a “snowflake” was a person who was against the abolition of slavery, according to Merriam-Webster.

Snowflakes during that time period valued white people over black people and wanted slavery to continue after the Civil War.


“Snowflake” is a compound word, which means it is composed of two words, “snow” and “flake”. Also, apart from its original meaning, it has an implicit meaning, implying that someone is sensitive and fragile . Can you think of another word which is also a compound word and has an implicit meaning?

Are you a “snowflake”? Or have you met a “snowflake”? Share your story with us in the comment zone! See you next time!

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  • I’m not a snowflake. But one of my colleague is. If someone criticize him he can’t face it and get hurt immediately

  • Yes I’m…… I think if I don’t hurt anybody then I won’t allow anybody to hurt myself but some time it don’t have in my control then I just get hurt.

    • Yes, I’m a snowflake .but sometimes i used to pretend to be not

      • Yes I’m also snowflake…if someone criticise me I couldnt face it…

  • I know that lately i’ve become a snowflake because of some reason

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