Hello guys! A new day has come! Let’s learn a new word today! That is Freeter.

Freeter is a Japanese expression for people who lack full-time employment or are unemployed, excluding housewives and students. The term originally included young people who deliberately chose not to become salary-men, even though jobs were available at the time.


Freeter” is a word coined by the Japanese.

The quality of being a freeter:

  1. You must be proficient in a particular line.
  2. You must be an economically-minded person.
  3. You must good at managing
  4. You must have a good social relationship
  5. You must know how to balance the work and life.

The cause of being a Freeter

  • The moratorium type of freeter wants to enjoy life, and deliberately chooses not to join the rat race of the Japanese work environment.
  • The dream pursuing type has specific dreams incompatible with a standard Japanese career.
  • The no alternative type could not find a decent job before high school or university graduation in the system called “simultaneous recruiting of new graduates”, which is unique to Japanese society. Those left behind by Shinsotsu-Ikkatsu-Saiyō are forced to take low paying irregular jobs. This usually has to do with their dropout status from previous educational institutes. Those who dropped out of high school have the worst prospects.

Do you want to be a freeter? How do you see them? Leave your comments below~