[Buzzword] Are You ‘Phubbing’ Your Friends?

Hey guys! Welcome to the [Buzzword]! It’s our new column, focusing on English vocabulary! We will explain one buzzword to you and teach you how to use it with interesting example sentences on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

In our first episode, let’s learn a new word “phubbing”. Obviously, it’s a combination of two words: phone and snubbing.

The definition below is from Cambridge Dictionary:

Researchers reveal that being “phubbed” can negatively impact our sense of belongingness, which can lead to a reduction in relationship satisfaction with the offending “phubber.”

If you are the victim of phubbing, you are called phubbee” . Imagine yourself being in this scenario:

You’re having lunch with a friend. As you’re talking, your friend’s cell phone buzzes. Suddenly, his/her attention is diverted, and they proceed to pick up their phone and respond to a text.

How would this make you feel? If I were you, I would scream internally: “Hello! I’m here. Why are you more interested in your cell phone than me?”

In conclusion, we have learned three words derived from “phubbing”:

Phubbee — the victim of “phubbing”

Phubber — Somebody who conduct the action “phubbing”

Phubb — the verb of “phubbing”

Practice: Fill in the blanks with correct words

Phubbing; Phubber; Phubbee; Phubbed

1. ____ is just one symptom of our increasing reliance on mobile phones and the Internet

2. More than 46 per cent of survey respondents said they had been ____ by their partner

Don’t forget to share your answers with us.

We will reveal the correct answer in the next episode!

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