[Guess!] A Simple Way To Irritate Your Friend

Hey friends! Welcome to our new column [Guess!]. If you are a creative and imaginative person, our new column is a perfect stage for you! We will show you a scene from classic TV series, movies or whatever, and then you need to guess what happens. Think outside the box and write down your idea concisely!

In our first episode, I’d like to show you a scene from one of my favorite TV series — Friends! If you have watched it, you must know the answer!

Phoebe (the girl) and Joey (the boy) are sitting at a coffee shop as usual, and they starts talking about Joey’s date Sarah:

Joey and Sarah had a dinner last night but he was suddenly furious at Sarah!

After hearing Joey’s explanation, Phoebe’s reaction is:

The reason is so ridiculous that Phoebe cannot believe her ears.


Why Joey was so angry with Phoebe’s friend Sarah at dinner?

TIPS: It is all about food!

Share your imaginative answer with us below!

We will pick out the most interesting answers next time!

Look forward to your reply!

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