[Phrases] How To Describe Delicious Food?

Hey guys! How do you do? The answers to the last episode are:

Actually, four options can be used in that context.

Now, let’s move on to another topic.

Delicious food appeals to us everyday. We are always attracted to food pictures posted by our friends on social media and want to go to that restaurant to have a taste in person. Isn’t it too dull to describe the food with “delicious” only? Let’s see other expressions!

1. luscious

 having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste.

This is a luscious and fragrant dessert wine.

2. lip-smacking

the food make you smack your lips

The roast duck is very lip-smacking.

3. finger-licking good

If you lick your fingers after finishing the food, isn’t the food rather delicious to you?

This fried chicken is finger-licking good.

4. out of this world

It means the food is really tasty and cannot be made in the world.

The food grandma prepared for me is out of this world.


Fill in the blanks with the phrases above (more than one answer)

  1. The food this restaurant serves is ____ this ____.
  2. The wine made in this manor is____.

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