[Grammar] Common Mistakes With Adjectives & Adverbs

Hey guys! Welcome to our new column [Grammar]! If grammar is always a big headache for you in learning English, keep following our column on Tuesday and Thursday! In this column, we will introduce English grammar from basic to advanced. What’s more, we will pick out common grammatical errors and help you avoid them!

In this episode, we are going to talk about four common mistakes with adjectives and adverbs. You may watch the teaching video first and then finish the exercise!


Mistake 1: to use an adverb after linking or sense verbs

The situation seemed unusually. ✕

The situation seemed unusual. ✓

Mistake 2: to use the “ing” form to describe someone’s attitude or feelings.

Jane is boring by his stories.✕ 

Jane is bored by his stories. … because his stories are boring.

Mistake 3:

(1) to use an adjective to describe a verb

He sings good. ✕  He sings well. ✓

(2) to use an adjective to describe another adjective

He is a wonderful good singer. ✕  He is a wonderfully good singer.

(3). to use an adjective to describe an adverb.

He sings incredible well. He sings incredibly well.

Mistake 4: some words can be both adjectives and adverbs but these words plus “ly” have totally different meaning from the adjectives.


He is a hard worker (“hard” is an adjective)

He works hard. (“hard” is an adverb) 

I hardly know him = I don’t really know him.


(1) Ariana Grande has one of the most ____ ranges of any female singer in the pop music industry,

A. amazing B. amazed

(2) Many people snack from the time they wake up until ____ before they go to bed.

A. short B. shortly

(3) The flowers smell ____

A. good B. well

Don’t forget to share your answers with me!

If you still feel confused about adjectives & adverbs, feel free to raise questions below!

Look forward to your reply!

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