[Phrases] 4 Idioms To Shut Your Rude Friends Up

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In our daily life, we may meet some annoying friends. They keep asking very private questions which you are reluctant to answer, or they just keep talking when you want to focus on your work. Apart from “shut up”, there are some ways to say Ssh!

1. Put a sock in it
impolitely telling someone to stop talking or making a noise

Couldn’t you put a sock in it? I’d love to do some work, but I can’t in this noise.

2. Cork it / put a cork in it
telling someone to be quiet

It’s too late and we’re fed up with your stories – cork it and go to sleep.

3. Button it
telling someone rudely to be quiet

Button it, can’t you? I’m trying to concentrate.

4.  Zip (up) your lip(s) / zip it up

Zip your lips, boys, and listen to me.
We told her to be quiet, but she just couldn’t zip it up.


Fill in the blanks with the phrases above (more than one answer)

Put a sock in it; Button it; Cork it; Zip it up 

1. Don’t you want to work instead of talking all the time?  _____ and take your tools.

2. ____, there are people who are trying to sleep around here.

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It’s rude to shut somebody up in most cases. Try to be a good listener.


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