[Mini Blog] What Is The Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

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Every day we meet different people and experience different things. Most of them will be normal as usual, but sometimes we will be likely to encounter something interestingly weird.


What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?

Please leave your experience in the comment section. We’re looking forward to your comments.

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  • For me it is weird all the time when I meet people and they show off what they are not . I mean for at least me it is wierd to look upon them , they try to make you feel like they are from another planet and they try thier best to make sure by making certain types of faces, gesture…I mean they are pretending Everytime.now a days u will probably find anyone who is not fake with what they are….so l usualy finds it wierd everytime.so be genuien
    with what u are

  • The weiredest thing i seen mixing Icecream with onion curd salad and ate it.. 😵

    • I also share my realtime experience about the weird nature of people about there unyammi delicious tastes of there dinners I saw one of the Oldman in aparty he took desert section ice-cream. But the twist is Oldman chosen along with mango pickle alike a sauce I wonder there and I heard some talking that he was a Doctor and he said to his friends I’m actually diabetic patient so now I understand eventually I knew such sugar in blood extended release mechanisms what a physician I appreciate in my heart of him

  • The weirdest thing i have ever seen is when my friend’s family didn’t allowed her to go outside for higher education even she got 93% in boards and the reason behind this was that her family came to know about her boyfriend.

  • For me the weirdest thing is that I met a Man who was begged for the livelyhoods at Railway Station. When he saw me, he came close to me and Look into my eyes, suddenly he sat infront of me then bite on my chappel and ran away….

  • My weirdest thing is that I have ever seen in my life is people talk about a person in front of the person they’ll talk very nice and behind him theyll talk about same person very bad …it’s too bad

  • I was going to home after my college and stopped at the road signal for my turn… Saw begger came to me and asked for money.. I gave him the money because he had one arm and was looking very needy also… After few days I was doing shopping at the supermarket and I found the same person begging there but this time he had both arms however one leg.. When I approached him he recognized me and ran from there.. Isn’t is weirdest

  • The weirdest thing for me is when girls waste A huge amount of tissue paper in the washroom and me just staring them without saying a single word, they don’t know if lill tissue can work why the hell these people waste a full role of tissue… Please somebody tell them that for one bundle of tissue about 7 trees have to be cut down…

  • The weired thing I see that people are very much selfish they only met with other person when they need otherwise they are not recognize you.
    If you need any help they making lots of excuses.

  • Sleep paralizing

    I wake up and i see a man sleep next to me, but…..he don’t have a head

  • I just seen too weirdest ,once time I was coming with my elder brother from a colony near from my house that colony seen I saw in my dreams for many days ago so that time I’m socked “what’s that?
    so at that time I’m tell my brother ,my brother said that something connected you from this places …

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