[Phrases] 6 Phrases That Instantly Persuade People

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When someone is persuaded, it’s amazing how some small and irrational things that will affect our final decisions.

Today we are going to learn 6 phrases that you can use to turn the tide in your favor when you’re trying to persuade someone to do something that you might like.

1. Have you ever made an exception?

This one is when you’re coming up against a gatekeeper who is just doing their jobs to follow the rules and the key is to let them think it won’t be a big deal.

For example, Tom was going to his graduation ceremony. He had five family members and four tickets to get in. The gatekeeper clearly wanted to done something but it was against the rules.

”Have you ever made an exception?”

-”No, sorry, I can’t.”

-”Would it be possible to just make one exception this time?”

-”…Okay, go ahead. You get in there.”

2. If I were in your position, I’d feel the same way.

This sentence is used when someone has really dug in their feet against you, they do not want to be persuaded, they do not agree with you, or you are coming out of left field and they are not into it.

“You’re actually right. If I were in your position, I’d feel the same way. It does take a long time. But I think it will be a good adventure that we’ve never experienced before.”

3. Make them see you in a positive light and work on your psychology prowess.

This one is amazing for interviews. You can use this towards the end of an interview when they’re asking if you have any questions for them.

“Obviously, I’d love to get this job but when you’re thinking down the line whether you hire me or someone else, how will you know a year from now whether or not you made the right choice? What will that person had to have done to have been an excellent hire?”

4. Use their name in your request.

This one you can use and add it to any of these to make it more powerful. When you hear your name, you perk up, your attention is instantly called up in that direction and somewhere, it implies that that person knows you.

“Can you understand me, John?”

5. The Yes ladder

This is actually a sales technique. But we can use it when we’re asking someone on a date by asking simple questions that answer yes.

-“Have you ever heart of that restaurant around the corner? “

-“Yes, of course. It’s quite famous.”

-“Does it seem like something you’d like?”

-“Yeah, absolutely!”

-”Would you like to go with me some time?”


6. Use the power “Because”

This one is so simple that you could use it pretty much everywhere. When we hear the word because, we would assume what comes after must be justifying what comes before.

“Can you do the dishes tonight because I’m having a headache now.”


You can use the sentence “After hiring me or someone else, how will you know you’ve made the right choice.” in which situation?

A. Chatting with friend

B. Getting into a bar

C. Job interview

D. Argue with your team member

You can try these tricks when you want to persuade someone next time! 😉

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