Hey guys! It’s Monday! Glad to see you again! Let’s look over our last episode first:

Is homework beneficial?

80% of the answers think homework is beneficial. Here are some insightful answers:

Let’s move on to today’s topic:

What do you think is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

Allow me to share my example first:

I said “Oh Shit” through the microphone in front of the whole college :

I was once asked to speak at the Inaugural Ceremony of the “Forum for Higher Thinking” at my college.

I prepared for a week and almost knew the speech backwards.

The audience included teachers, Head of the Departments, Members of the Board of Directors, Dean, Principal, University Vice Chancellor and few visiting professors from abroad.

As soon as I got to the microphone, my mind went blank and I said “Oh Shit” through the mic.

It’s so dumb, right?

It’s your turn now! Tell me the dumbest thing you’ve done in your life!

I promise that I will never laugh at you!

The “dumbest” answer will be picked out in the next episode!