[Song] Symphony – Clean Bandit

Good to see you again! First, the answers to the last [song] are:

1. think about it
2. realize

Let’s move on to today’s song — Symphony by Clean Bandit. Symphony is a song by British classical crossover band Clean Bandit featuring Swedish singer Zara Larsson. When you listen to the song, fill in the blanks below.


I’ve been hearing symphonies
Before all I heard was ??? (1 word missing)
A rhapsody for you and me
And every melody is timeless
Life was ??? (1 word missing) me along
Then you came and you cut me loose
Was solo singing on my own
Now I can’t find the key without you
And now your song is on repeat
And I’m dancin’ on to your heartbeat
And when you’re gone, I feel incomplete
So if you want the truth
I just wanna be part of your symphony
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
Like a love song on the radio
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
I’m sorry if it’s all too much
Every day you’re here, I’m ??? (1 word missing)
And I was runnin’ out of luck
I never thought I’d find this feeling
‘Cause I’ve been hearing symphonies

Enjoy the MV:

Hope you like the song!

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