[Mini Blog] What Are The Advantages Of Being Single?

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Many people hold a belief that one isn’t truly “complete” until he/she has found a significant other. But the truth is sometimes true love is not so easy to find. It is better to stay single than to be stuck in a bad relationship.



Are you single? What are the advantages of being single?

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    • Being single it’s a good and mature choice because sometimes we are not ready for bad relationships, or fhigts with our couples.

  • There are many advantage of being single,if we single we do whatevr we wanna do.There is no any type of pressure in single we live free nd happy.

  • Being single sometimes sucks!! But it is one of the best ways in which you could let yourself grow faster, and in a better way. You become independent, can focus more on your career and personal life..

  • I am also being single. I really very proud to say this because I save myself for my hubby’s happiness in the future.

  • Being single is better than relationship coz u can do everything what u want to do. U have no Boundationa.concentrate each n every thing..u live as a king or queen of the world.😀

  • Being single most important thing is time ,u get enough time to achieve any goal , u can utilize each n every minute to own way

  • Being single is the best feeling ever because we make choices for ourselves without any boundaries ,time also managed.

  • Being single is good better than bad relationship.no 1 want to be single as long as .evry1 want r8 ptnr to grow old together.ppl shoul lern to loveslf by being single then to fall in love with wrong person.life is short dont waste for any1.being single is always good.

  • It’s difficult to stay single for a long time waiting for love also it is more difficult if you stuck in a bad relationship. It doesn’t matter when you ride the train but with who.so be aware which is the suitable train.

  • Being single is better than relationship because now a days there is no humanity.. all are money maindeds.

  • It is proven by science that people who are single can live more days than a person in a relationship.

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