Hey guys! I miss you a lot! Have you participated in the discussion of the last episode?

Do you think wearing makeup is a lie to the world?

Some think makeup covers the original beauty God gives us and reminds us that the most important thing is inner beauty:

Some think makeup can increase our confidence while others think it isn’t real confidence:

Actually, this issue seems tough but the answer is simple. As long as you feel more comfortable when wearing makeup, do it. Some people may judge you but it doesn’t matter at all.

Let’s move on to today’s topic:

Can Humanity Survive In The Age Of AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Generally, people raise the question because of two worries:

A.  Machines will overpass humans and many people will be unemployed.

B.  Machines will be independent and they will destroy humanity some day.

What’s your opinion on it? Are you optimistic about the coming era of AI? Write it down and I will pick out interesting answers next time!