[Phrases] 25 Idioms To Sound Like A Native Speaker (Part 5)

Today is finally the last episode of 25 idioms to sound like a native speaker. Idioms are a really important part of English conversations – they are expressions that come up all the time.

So, hope this series can help you to feel more confident in English conversations!

1. crunch time

A critical period of time characterized by a heightened pressure to succeed, usually at or near the end of a given situation or undertaking.

Okay, we’ve got two minutes to tie the game–it’s crunch time, guys!

2. get out of hand

To become chaotic and unmanageable, as of a situation.

If your party gets out of hand, the neighbors will call the police.

3. get out of your system

To do something so that one no longer has the desire to so it anymore.

I can’t get out of my system! I want to go back to school and earn a degree.

4. hang in there

An expression of encouragement to persist or stay calm in a challenging situation.

I know you are worried, but hang in there–the doctor will call soon.

5. Time flies when you’re having fun.

When you are enjoying something, time seems to move more quickly. This is a set phrases.

Wow, it’s midnight already? I feel like we just got here. Time flies when you’re having fun!


1. It’s _______ for him. Either he makes a move now or gives up any hope of winning power.

A. get out of hand

B. crunch time

C. hang in there

D. get out of hand

2. He’s been talking about skydiving for so long, I’m just glad he’s finally going to _______.

A. get out of  his hand

B. crunch time

C. hang in there

D. get out of his system

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