[Song] Camila Cabello – Never Be the Same

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1.  cigarette
2.  does it mean
3.  dancing

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Today let’s listen to Camila Cabello’s song Never Be the Same and fill in the blanks below! Good luck!


[Verse 1]
Something must’ve gone wrong in my brain
Got your ??? (1 word missing) all in my veins
Feeling all the highs, feeling all the pain
Let go of the ways I used to fall in lane
Now I’m seeing red, not thinking straight
Blurring all the lines, you ??? (1 word missing) me

Just like nicotine, heroin, morphine
Suddenly, I’m a fiend and you’re all I need
All I need
Yeah, you’re all I need

It’s you, babe
And I’m a ??? (1 word missing) for the way that you move, babe
And I could try to run, but it would be useless
You’re to blame
Just one hit, you will know I’ll never be the same

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