[Phrases] 4 Most Difficult Fielding Positions In Cricket

If you are a big fan of cricket, you must have heard the news:

Ravichandran Ashwin sparked a massive controversy after ‘mankading’ Jos Buttler during the RR vs KXIP IPL 2019 match at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur on Monday night.

The event has not only snowballed into a big controversy but has also left the cricketing world divided.

But what is “mankad”???

After looking back to the controversy, let’s move on to today’s topic:

Which are the toughest fielding positions?

1. Silly point

It is believed that the “silly” in cricket refers to an old definition of silly, meaning ‘defenceless’. And the silly positions in Cricket are given below.

The silly point is a difficult position as the fielder is very close to the batsman and is at risk of getting hit. They do get a lot of protection in the form of pads and helmets since they can get injured otherwise.

2. Point

The point fielder is one of the most crucial positions in cricket. A point fielder has a big role as batsmen who tend to cut the ball hit in their direction a lot. Most teams have their best fielders at point as they can dive around and stop boundaries.

They also need to take some tough catches considering the speed at which deliveries get cut. Jadeja, Kohli and Mohammad Kaif have all been superb point fielders for India.

3. Gully

Another position that is extremely hard is the gully. The gully fielder is an extension of the line of slips and fields almost square to the batsman

Similar to the point but a little bit more square, the gully position fielders need excellent reflexes. They work together with the point fielder to ensure batsmen do not get easy boundaries.

4. Slip

The origin of the slips is hinted at in an early description of the long stop, who “is required to cover many slips from the bat”. A slip fielder is placed behind the batsman on the off side of the field.

Standing at slip, especially to a spinner is one of the hardest positions as you only get a fraction of a second to judge a catch. Most of the times, a thick edge could induce a lot of speed and slips need to be alert at all times.


Take a quick glance of the picture below, and tell me which one is not a fielding position in cricket.

A. Slip 

B. Shot

C. Point

D. Gully  

Feel free to share your opinion on the IPL’s “mankad” controversy.

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Hope you enjoy watching the cricket match!

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