Hey guys! How do you do? Let’s look over our last episode first:

What will happen next if you can talk to your dead sibling?

Here are two touching answers:

Just as the movie Coco says “the real death is that no one in the world remembers you,” as long as you still remember your sibling, he/she does not go far.

Let’s move on to today’s topic.

Anyone who has dated a person after 2004 most likely has had access to social media. Social media has enhanced our connection with people but the constant connection also has its pitfalls, particularly when you break up with your partner. 

So let’s take a common scenario: You start dating a guy or girl, you meet their friends and get along very well. You add them on Facebook.

Then the chain of connections begins as all the other friends follow suit by adding you as a friend. You take many pictures together, you go out to restaurants and bars together; you start to like your partner’s friends.

However, one day, you decide to end the relationship and want to move on.

My question is:

Do you delete your ex off social media?

Some may think this act immature while others think it is necessary for the sake of the peace of their mind. What’s your opinion?

Share your idea below with your own experience!

We will pick out insightful answers next time!

See you!