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1.send me off

In this episode, let’s enjoy Charlie Puth’s Done For Me and fill in the blanks below.


Oh, oh
What you thinking?
You think that you could be ??? (2 words missing) with somebody new
(No oh, oh baby, no)
You say you’re leaving
Well, if you wanna leave there ain’t nobody stopping you
(No oh, oh baby, no)
I won’t beg for your love
Won’t say ??? (1 word missing)
I won’t fall to the ground on my ??? (1 word missing)
You know I’ve given this everything
Baby, honestly, baby, honestly

I lie for you, baby
I die for you, baby
Cry for you, baby
But tell me what you’ve done for me
For you, baby
And only you, baby
The things I do, baby
But tell me what you’ve done for me

Enjoy the MV

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