[Phrases] Live To Fight Another Day!

First, the answers to the last episode are:

  1. A
  2. D
  3. B

Time is precious to all of us, sometimes it flies by, sometimes there’s never enough. Today’s topic is idioms related to time. These idioms are versatile and used frequently in everyday situations. Whatever message you want to relay, these idioms will make it interesting.

1in somebody’s day

The time when somebody was alive or somebody was young; when somebody was the most successful, etc.

She had in her day been the most popular singer in the world.

2. take it one day at a time

To never think what will happen in the future and not put much in work.

Jerry took it one day at a time, so he never got promotion.

3. have a field day

To enjoy the day; a period of time that people are busily working on something.

Whenever the celebrities appear in front of the audience, the journalists have a field day and they try their best to catch some news.

4in the cold light of day

To think calmly about something after it has happened; in the morning when things are clearer.

In the cold light of day, they found out the initial plan did not work out as they have imagined.

5live to fight another day

Not to give up when fail and continue to do it.

Although she failed to win the gold medal, she decided to live to fight another day.


1.The parents took their children out to go for a picnic. They ______ together because it was the first time after moving into his town.
A. had a field day
B. in the cold light of day
C. lived to fight another day
D. took it one day at a time
2. Jack had a car accident and he was injured badly. He lay on the bed and ______.
A.had a field day
B.in the cold light of day
C.lived to fight another day
D.took it one day at a time

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