[Writing] What If Your Lies Come True

Glad to see you again! In our last writing episode, we’ve received lots of comments. Most of them are very brilliant. Here are some good pieces of writing:

Here’s the topic for today:

You’ve never told a lie in your life. Out of curiosity, you decide to tell one for the first time. Reality shifts to make it true.

If your lies can come true, what lies will you tell, however evil or good it might be.

Please share with us your thinking! We are looking forward to your comments.

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  • If my lie come true, I hope I can really be alright when you with your new girlfriend. usually said “I’m happy for you” when actually I’m hurt…

  • I actually said my parents that I will score better marks in my exams.but I think I don’t get.so my lies should come true so that I will get good marks😉😉😉😊😊

  • “where did you go last night?” Andrew ask me when we got breakfast. And my parent are looking at me.
    “Me? Aaa, you know. I go to check my iets score”
    “Really? Why you did it in 9 p.m? Are you really sure about that?”
    “Yash, cause here. I’ve not to get a signal for check it”
    “What is your ielts score?” My mom ask me
    “How great. Congratulations dear.. we proud of you”

    (That sht, i’m sorry mom. I lied. Exactly, i don’t have to saw my score)
    *When i see my eilts score
    “It’s amazing, my score is 8.7”

    Aamiin 🙂
    Thanks for read my story mhehehe..

  • I’ve felt in love with the girl,and when my friend asked me,do you love her,and I said,I don’t,im Iies,cuz I already know my friend loved her as well 😂😂😂

  • if my lie come true, i’d become rich and happily ever after with kim taehyung bts. thats all😂. tq

  • If my lie come true I would like to say i have great character like sir A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

  • If my lie come true . I tell as I’m the most powerful and number one entrepreneur in this world and even the top most richest person who is a tough competitor to all other entrepreneurs.

  • If my lie comes true, I will say that I am the most happiest person in this world

  • The world has finally decided to end up wars and cease endorsing weapons.

  • I can speak English very fluently…..if this lie could be true in the future with the help of this app ( u – dictionary) it will be very magical for me

    Chetan Bagade

  • No, I am okay.
    Actually the truth is I am not okay.
    I just dont want anyone knows that Im not okay inside.

  • The lie I should tell that I become a scientist for electrical engineer.

  • If my lie come true, I have the cure for all the diseases concereuses

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