Good to see you again. Let’s look over our last [Mini Blog] episode first:

Which is more complicated gender: men Or women?

Many users have exchanged their insightful opinions in our last episode. Generally speaking, they hold three types of opinions. 

  1. A male or a female is more complicated than the other.  Their opinions make sense to some degree. Based on their observation, males are reluctant to express their feelings openly while females don’t express themselves clearly but are eager for understanding.  We can see that it is the problem of expression and communication that makes people complicated.
  2. Situations make people complicated, rather than the gender issue.
  3. Complexity varies from person to person, rather than from gender to gender.

According to our daily observation, women may be more emotional and sensitive, while men may be not good at expressing their feelings.  The key to reducing the complexity is enhancing mutual understanding.  

Let’s move on to today’s topic!

Video games have matured, and so has our society. Video games are more than exploring fantasy worlds and raiding castles. We have slowly begun to realized the true potential of virtual worlds for learning and enriching ourselves.  With the growth of the video game market, we have also seen the appearance of “Gamification” in many industries. In the case, education is on the forefront. 

In this episode, let’s discuss:

Should we use video games in education?

Feel free to express your opinion below!

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