[Story] Is AI Jury Reliable?

Hi guys! We’ve been received quite a lot of good answers in the last story episode. Several comments are selected to be shown here:


Here’s the topic for today:

In the future, juries have been replaced by with an advanced AI. You are a lawyer, and your client is obviously guilty of murder without any reasonable doubt, but the AI declares him innocent.

What do you think will happen next? What is wrong with this AI? Or it has a bigger plan?

Write it down and share your creativity with us! See you next time!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Actually it’s not a fault of advance AI technology, But some developer that did this…
    And the person was me.

    It’s rewind time,
    One day a person came to my office, with a face of fear and regretion. Actually he had murdered his friend but not actually.
    In reality, he was cornerd by one of his another friend who don’t liked the victim because he like the girl who love the victim but not him. With the feeling jealousy he planned to clear the way out.

    He completed his plan so finely that my client became a bait on this. He made to escape. That’s why I planned to hack the jury’s system with my team so that he can be saved… And exact criminal can be retained to punishment.

  • Maybe reason behind the murder is different. Like, he killed someone in self-defense. So he is guilty but not to be punished.

  • Some reason AI can replace a human, but AI just made by human and doesnt have flexibility like human.

  • What i do think will happen next is chaos.
    Simply because I think we can’t just replaced human with a robot, robots doesn’t have sense like human.

  • I thin AI is reliable. The accusation has not been proved by the police department. Saying that accused is surely a murderer and proving him guilty by providing the reasonable witness and proofs are two different things. AI has to decide according to the record.

  • Hey why there is a kid with green tshirt picture up there ? Or maybe the murderer is a kid. You know… kid never be punish when they made a guilty… thats why AI declares him innocent…just my imagination… hehehe…
    Agree with others think…human is better than robot… in my opinion Robots were created to help not to making decisions

  • Me : How could it happened?
    Him : You know, the truth reveals
    Me : What is the truth? Is it you mean that you are the one who created this AI with your friend?
    Him : Yes, you are correct, I killed him since he want to modified the code so that he could escape from this kind of AI misuse. It is fair, isn’t it?
    Me : But you have modified it for yourself
    Him : Yes, it needs a sacrifice to do what’s you thing right

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