Hey guys! Let’s check the answer to the last [Phrases] episode first.

C. get the jump on

B. stand in the way of

A. think outside the box


Congratulations on these three blessed guys who gave the correct answer ahead of anyone else!

Today we are going to learn some verbs and phrasal verbs connected with the human body.

1. To head.

= To hit a ball with your head.

       Owen headed the ball into the back of the net.

2. To mouth.

= Forming words with your lips without making any sound. 


The singers only mouthed the words.

3. Back down.

= To admit that you were wrong or that you have been defeated.


Eventually, he backed down and apologized.

4. Eye up (sb).

= To look at someone with sexual interest.


He eyed her up, but didn’t dare say hello.

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1. Party leaders ______ and rescinded the resolution.

A. headed

B. mouthed

C. backed down

D. eyed up

2. A corner kick that Moody _________ into the net.

A. headed

B. mouthed

C. backed down

D. eyed up

3. You’re totally ______ that cute blonde over there, aren’t you?.

A. headed

B. mouthed

C. backed down

D. eyeing up

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