First, a review of the question of last [Mini Blog] episode:

Would you give up 10 years of your life for 10 million dollars?

And now, let’s check out your answers to the question. It seems like most of you are prefer 10 years of life. But reasons are not the same. 

This person believes happiness is more important than money.


And Nishant thinks that he can earn more than 10 million in ten years. Wow, if you really do it, can I be your friend?


Shruthi thinks that family and friends are more important than money. Yes, I agree. But I have to say money is also important.


On the other hand, there are also some people who have chosen 10 million dollars. They believe money can make their life better and dream come true.


And SB believes the 10 million can be used to make more money.


I don’t comment on which option is better. Everyone has their own ideas and choices. I just wanna say that both money and life are indispensable to us. Which one is more important depends on what you think.

And here comes today’s tough question:

Would you rather A, Be the smartest person around, or B, the most good-looking?

Share your answer with us in your comment! And we will choose some funny answers to show in the next episode!