Hey guys! Let’s check the answer to the last [Phrases] episode first.

D. banking on

B. train of thought

C. on track

A. flat out


Congratulations on these three blessed guys who gave the correct answer ahead of anyone else!

Today we are going to learn some English expressions for money.

1. To buy sb off.

= To pay someone so that they do not cause you any trouble.

       The company thought they had bought him off but he took them to court and won.

2. To cash in on sth.

= To get money or another advantage from an event or situation, often in an unfair way.

A lot of people are trying to cash in on the situation.

3. To pay sth off.

= To pay back money that you owe.

We paid off our mortgage after 25 years.

4. To save (sth) on sth.

= To avoid using something [e.g. electricity, food] so that you do not have to pay for it

He used to go to bed very early to save on his electricity bills.



1. They tried to ______ the guard at the bank _______ but he told the police and the gang was arrested.

A. cash in…on…

B. buy…off…

C. save…on…

D. pay…off…

2. Her family have been accused of _________ her death.

A. cashing in on

B. buying off

C. saving on

D. paying off

3. I can _____ a lot of money _______ this purchase by buying it somewhere else.

A. cash in…on…

B. buy…off…

C. save…on…

D. pay…off…

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