Welcome back to UD daily news. According to Quartz, 224 million people watched The Lion King 2019 teaser trailer within the first 24 hours of its release. It accumulated the highest viewership for a Disney trailer, beating out

Avengers: Infinity war which had 238 million views across all channels the first day of its release.

The success of the Lion King 2019 trailer born headlines such as “The Internet has gone nuts” and “The Internet is awash with tears” from The New York Times and Yahoo! respectively. While the trailer’s success brought many positive headlines, it also sparked debates on distinctive differences between its 1994 animated counterpart.

According to GameSpot, Disney considers The Lion King 2019 as “live-action” due to its realistic CGI effects. Yet, in an article published by Quartz, “what the remake gains in realism, it loses emotion and distinctiveness.” The media outlet argues that the original animation “engages your imagination, forcing you to fill in the blanks.” In other words, a too realistic portrayal results in losing the magic that the animation did so well.

Yet, ScreenRant argues that the 2019 trailer fixes a critical mistake from the 1994 version: the correction of the species of Rafiki, the shaman in the movie.

Regardless, the Lion King has high expectations. Along with Disney’s other 2019 planned releases, Disney could rake in an overwhelming $9 billion next year, according to Forbes.

Let us know if you prefer the 1994 or 2019 version of Lion King by watching the comparison video above! What are your thoughts on the differences? Also, take our interactive poll to vote on which powerhouse release you’re most anticipating from Disney next year. Which 2019 release do you think will be the most successful? And finally, do you think Disney will break $9 billion in box office revenues?



Accumulate (v.): gather together; to acquire an increasing amount.

Distinctive (adj.): a specific characteristic or a person or thing.

Respectively (adv.): individually in the order already mentioned.

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