First, a review of the question of last [Mini Blog] episode:

If you are stuck on an island with a mermaid, would you rather the top or bottom half was human?

Let’s look at a good answer:

Mermaid A has A beautiful upper body, but she can’t walk. She can talk, but she will quarrel with me after a long time. She will swim far away after the quarrel and I couldn’t get her back. Mermaid B is ugly in the upper body, but she can walk on two legs and can’t talk, so there is no quarrel. And Mermaid B’s physiological conditions are basically the same as people.

And then let’s check out some funny answers of the question.

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And here comes today’s tough question:

Would you give up 10 years of your life for 10 million dollars?



Share your answer with us in your comment! And we will choose some funny answers to show in the next episode!