Welcome back to UD Daily News. Today we’re going to be talking about why people enjoy tasting the bitterness in their coffee.

Bitterness in coffee was used as a warning for us to avoid potentially harmful substances. However, when paired with caffeine, it becomes a trigger that something good is going to happen once it is consumed. In other words, your body has learned that once you consume bitter coffee, you will be rewarded.

According to Quartz, scientists from Northwestern University and a Medical team in Australia discovered that “people wanted more caffeine after tasting the bitter flavours associated with it.”

Therefore, by tasting the bitterness in your coffee, you expect caffeine to kick in which gives you the energy boost for the day.

According to Quartz, “it might just all boil down to what the brain learns to expect from those bitter beverages once people ingest them.”

This raises the question of the endless possibilities you can train your mind to expect from doing a certain action which can ultimately develop into good habits. What do you think of this approach? Or, a better question is, how do you like your coffee?

Source: Quartz


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