Welcome back to UD Daily News! Today we’re going to be talking about minimalism. According to U-Dictionary’s definition, minimalism is a type of lifestyle where a small number of things can create a particular effect. This effect is positive and helps you to a healthier lifestyle.


Minimalism Is The New Black

Minimalism has become a trendy topic in the last couple of years. Living a minimalist life means getting rid of the clutter or excess objects you don’t need. You might be wondering why do people want to keep old things? There’s a bunch of possibilities as to why people hold onto things: memories, thinking you may need it someday, or simply forgetting about it are possible reasons. However, this can actually be detrimental to your health.

According to Cristina Rodenbeck, a wellness coach interviewed by the SCMP from the Integrated Medicine Institute in Hong Kong, “this visual stimulation can induce feelings of anxiety and irritability, and even lead to a sense of being overwhelmed, engulfed or suffocated. Trying to maintain order in a packed home only adds to the stress and frustration.”

In an article published by Forbes, Joshua Becker wrote that he experienced “more time, more energy, more freedom, and more money to pursue what is most important to [him]” when he got rid of excess things.

Minimalism does not only apply to physical clutter but digital clutter as well. Digital clutter can be in the form of emails, files, or your collection of movies or cat videos. Regardless if it’s physical or not, the key takeaway is that it’s important to stay organized.

Let us know what sorts of things did you have to throw away? How are you organizing your physical and digital clutter? We’re looking forward to hearing your responses!

Source: SCMP and Forbes

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