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Welcome back to UD Daily News! Today, we’re going to explore the secrets to success by looking at the latest film released globally today, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald!

The launch of the movie is expected to be another hit starring Eddie Raymayne, the starring actor of the movie. What’s the secret to his success? Looking at his interview with The Indian Express, going with his instincts and keeping yourself grounded appears to be the secret formula.

According to the media outlet, the actor expressed that he has a way of picking projects. When faced with only a script, instinct and going with his gut feeling are the decisive factors whether he goes with a project or not.

“What is interesting is that when you are starting out, you get a script with details that this director is making this film with this actor. This is where it starts and you are there for this part,” he said in an interview with The Indian Express. But sometimes it gets more complicated. “When you are the first person to be sent the script and you have to decide kind of by yourself whether the film will be good or not, rather than having people lean on, like the talent involved.”

Before pursuing an acting career, the actor was working at a pub and as a waiter. His hard times is what keeps him grounded.

“You never forget the rejections. You never forget the years of being told no,” he said in an exclusive interview to IANS reported by The Indian Express.

To end this segment, we’d like to read your opinions on the following: what do you think of relying on your instincts and gut feeling? What do you think about the role of luck in achieving success?

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