We want to hear from you!

To provide better value and experience to our current and prospective users, we are inviting three users to tell us your story about your experience with U-Dictionary.

We’re interested in hearing about the challenges you faced before using U-Dictionary, current thoughts and experiences, and what you have accomplished. Not only will your story be published on all of our social media accounts but also within our App. Let your voice be heard.

Interested in participating?

Participant Requirements:

  • Please send us a message requesting to join U-Dictionary’s latest group: UInsiders. If your request is approved, we will send you an invite to the group. Our case study participants will be chosen from this group.

“UInsiders” is our newest, exclusive, and private group whose members will get insider news on upcoming product updates and features. Members have the power to influence U-Dictionary’s future customizations and have a chance to be a part of our events such as this case study.

Your request should include why you are eligible to join. Details such as thorough knowledge of our app and what you love about U-Dictionary and what improvements you want to see are some suggestions to include in your request.

  • Participants should be comfortable answering a series of questions.

More information regarding our case study will be revealed to the members.