Hey guys! Let’s check the answer to the last [Phrases] episode first.

A. Tag along

B. Bargaining chip

C. Run its course

D. Stay put


Congratulations on these three blessed guys who gave the correct spelling ahead of anyone else!

Today we are going to learn some English expressions for progress and speed.

1. Spinning (one’s) wheels.

= put in a lot of effort with zero results or progress.

       The client rejects every suggestion I make. I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels on this project.

2. Go in circles.

= be very active but not make any progress towards your goal; you keep coming back to the same things.

The discussion goes in circles at every staff meeting; it all comes down to budget limitations.

3. Run into a brick wall.

= encounter something that makes it impossible to proceed.

We were working on buying a house, but we ran into a brick wall when we couldn’t get a loan from the bank.

4. Have a mental block.

= have a psychological barrier that prevents you from doing something or thinking of something.

I can’t seem to write the conclusion to my report; I’m having a mental block.

5. As slow as molasses.

= extremely slow.

The internet here is as slow as molasses – it takes half an hour to download one photo!



1. They kept me on to manage what’s left of this division, but to be honest, I’ve just been ________ here for the last couple of years.

A. going in circles

B. spinning my wheels

C. runing into a brick wall

D. having a mental block

2. I tried to get an outline drafted for my thesis, but my ideas were so jumbled in my head that I just kept _______.

A. going round in circles

B. spinning my wheels

C. runing into a brick wall

D. having a mental block

3. Our project was going well, but we _________ when our funding was suddenly cut.

A. go round in circles

B. spinning my wheels

C. run into a brick wall

D. have a mental block

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