[Listening] A Law Course Based On Harry Potter?

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…Thick haze engulfed…

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Students from the fourth and fifth year of B.A L.L.B Honours course in Kolkata’s National University of Juridical Sciences or NUJS will be offered an elective course on Harry Potter and Potterverse, the fictional universe of Harry Potter, the protagonist of the series of ??? (1 word missing) novels written by British author J K Rowling. The course titled “An interface between Fantasy Fiction Literature and Law: Special focus on Rowling’s Potterverse” will be offered as an elective in the winter semester (2018-19) by the faculty member Shouvik Kumar Guha, said the official students journal of the varsity.

According to the journal, the ??? (1 word missing) of the course lies in the fact that the young minds who have grown up reading and experiencing the inherent excitement and the plot twists of such fiction also represent the future and all over the world as they are the ones who take up the role of future leaders, thinkers and bringers of change, who are being exposed to the wealth of social values and cultural mores intrinsically posited within such literature.

The course will be aiming to cover the legal traditions and institutions in Potterverse(including role of law and rule of law in a magical society, moral choice and liberty in Potterverse and the role of bureaucracy in the Ministry of Magic) and crimes and punishments in Potterverse (including Unforgivable Curses, Wizengamot Trials, Innocence of Sirius Black and Persecution of Tom Riddle.

The course will also cover morality, social values, identity and class rights in Potterverse, dignity, and enslavement of House Elves, marginalization of Werewolves, Giants, Centaurs and Merpeople, Mudbloods and Squibs – various forms of creatures and characters in Harry Potter novels–, militant literacy and misuse of texts.

The economy, politics, contracts and agency and family in Potterverse will also be part of the course.

“We thank our faculty member Mr. Shovik Kumar Guha for offering this elective course that serves as a breather from the orthodox law school curriculum and a great opportunity for students to explore varied interests in law school,” the journal said.


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