Smartphone Addiction

Have you heard of nomophobia? Probably not. I haven’t heard of it until I found it used on a CNN article on the dangers of smartphone addiction. Nomophobia is an abbreviated term for “NO MObile PHOne phoBIA.” According to CNN, it’s “a 21st-century term” to indicate fear of not being able to use a cell phone or other smart device.

smartphone addiction

A statistic from 2016 revealed that millennials check their phones over 150 times per day. Perhaps its due to the fear of missing out aka FOMO that has people glued to their screens. It could also be the release of dopamine, the main chemical of pleasure, that people get from likes on social media posts.

“Young people are interacting all day but almost entirely through a screen,” Priceonomics says. While there are dozens of articles calling teens out on their smartphone usage, we wonder if adults are just as addicted as their younger counterparts.

Email Addiction

Priceonomics sheds light upon “adults’ email addiction”– an addiction to checking your email wherever you are. The following chart by GFI highlights the events where adults have admitted to checking their emails.

cell phone addiction

Source: GFI

Could you imagine checking your email while you’re in labour? That’s a scary thought.


Why are people supposedly obsessed with checking emails?

Nowadays, it isn’t just an email addiction anymore. Adults are increasingly getting addicted to social media. Why? Monetization. Marketers are turning to Facebook, Instagram, etc., and recruiters to LinkedIn. Once using social media tools became profitable, businesses have flocked to it like a moth to a flame. Now, you’ll find positions such as social media manager or freelance social media specialist–jobs that haven’t existed until the 21st century.

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How Addicted Are You?

iPhones have recently updated to give you a rundown of your screen time and your average time spent on your phone. Have you checked your recent average? How would you describe the relationship with your phone?