Be confident. Act confident. It’s something you always hear when going for a job interview, date, presentation, etc. But it still remains a challenge to do so. If we are really confident, it’s likely we wouldn’t need the extra encouragement. So, how can we build confidence and stay confident?

Acknowledge It

Speaking from experience, when I acknowledged that I wasn’t confident in a situation, I felt slightly better, albeit not by much but it alleviated some stress. I realized my weakness, and I could build my confidence little by little with each similar experience or understanding and learning what went wrong in a situation.


Sometimes we try to deny insecurities and keep telling ourselves to feel confident in a situation. That sounds stressful and takes a lot of energy–energy that could be better-spent toward controlling emotions. However, acknowledging or being at peace with our insecurities is easier said than done. It requires time and being comfortable with ourselves–the good and the bad.

Staying Confident

No one can stay confident their whole lives. We’re going to be put in new situations and tackle new challenges that put ourselves outside of our comfort zones. But isn’t that how we grow?


There’s no formula in staying confident in new or certain situations. And sometimes we may never get comfortable with a situation no matter how many times we encounter it, but we’ll get a better understanding of how to tackle it.

How Do You Tackle Confidence?

Share with us on how you handled a situation that you weren’t confident in. How did you build your confidence?