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It is reported by The Times that the entrance exam at All Souls College, Oxford, asks prospective fellows to write an essay on whether they would prefer to be a zombie or a vampire.

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Zombies and vampires are two creatures from western folklore. In recent years, they often become the main characters in pop novels, films and video games.


So which one should we choose? Martin Belam, Guardian’s senior social reporter, gives his opinions about the pros and cons of their lifestyles:

Vampire, Vamp, Gothic, Goth, Dark


They are always good-looking;

Their life looks like an erotic riot;

They are immortal.

However, being immortal sounds fun, until you realise it means watching everyone you love grow old and die in front of your eyes. Unless, of course, you vampirise them so they can spend eternity with you, which puts a lot of pressure on your relationship choices.

Eery Fear Stalk Frankenstein Forest Psycho


They go around in a marauding mob-not lonely;

The zombie diet of choice – brains – is totally delicious, and has the health benefit of being full of DHA, which is an important omega-3 fatty acid.

On the other side, their communication is done with low moans, or by muttering: “Brains! Brains!” with arms outstretched. Plus, the appearance and smell are not that charming as vampires’.

Isn’t it funny? It is said that if Oxford is to publish students’ answers one day, there will be another heated discussion on this question again.

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Organizations like Oxford and Cambridge, they usually come up with this kind of ultimate dilemmas or philosophical questions to test students’ critical thinking.

Here are some more good questions related:

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  • “Music came to a full stop with Brahms” (Wittgenstein). Discuss.
  • What, if any, are the advantages of binge-watching?
  • How should we close the gender pay gap?

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