[Story] Please Continue The Story 2018-10-12

Hey guys! There are so many impressive stories in the comment of the last [Story]. Let’s have a look first.


Some other passages are also very creative, but too long to present here.

Anyway, here comes today’s story:

Whilst showering, you suddenly disappear in a cloud of smoke, only to reappear in a dimly lit room in a circle of candles…

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What do you think will happen next?

Write it down and share with us! See you next time!

11 thoughts on “[Story] Please Continue The Story 2018-10-12”

  1. I was under shower, as phenomenally my eyes were shut, when opened up eyes, for a while I stunned becoz what I saw around.
    It seemed like my eyes & brain were not in my control, all seemed kind a hallucinating.
    I still didn’t caught consciousness, when suddenly a oracle occured saying that you have been taken from Earth, you are at the home of God. Actually you are dead now.

    I surrounded with surprise & with horrifying experiences, how that can even be possible. Oracle deciphered that believe it & a smoke ahead of me showed that while I was showering as I was doing earlier though, my bathrooms roof falled down upon me in a sudden due to impulse oghigh rectare earthquake having centre under my house.

    I was like Oooooo, that happened!

  2. Actually i was watching a movie and thinking that i’m also a part of it after that i was in the circle of too many candles and some bubbles were falling on me . It was a wonderful moment of my imagination.

  3. I took a step to carry a candle and then I passed the circle of candles to out of the room and found in the living room my grandmother’s old chair overlooking the window I .sat on the chair and put the candle on the table and found a cup of tea oh my God it’s the same cup of tea that my grandmother was carrying 25 years ago !! .She was sitting on this chair crying very hard after she screamed at me when she saw me carrying the bottle of perfume that my grandfather had given her on their last wedding anniversary before his death.The perfume bottle fell from my hand and broke on the ground. I turned to the door quickly and cried. I’m sorry. I’m sorry i kept running until I fell in the pool of water for the sheep . The whole water covered me and I opened my eyes and found myself in the bathroom taking a shawer!!!

  4. so i am gonna talk if this is a true story , not gonna lie i will get shaking a whole my body and probably i will scream out loud to make sure if is it real or i am in dreaming and find someone who can help me out, if it didn’t work I will take step to get a candle and walk slowly to find a way out, i can’t predict how long i will search that way but i will try my best of the best , if it also didn’t work OH MY GOD i will just lay down on the floor, hold tight the candle, close my eyes and pray as much as i can

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