Let’s look at the answer to the last [Listening] episode first.

…It’s actually a subject of intense scientific investigation…

…at 1,200 frames per second, …

I guess many of you got the correct answers!

Here comes the practice for today. Today’s listening is about people pay £800 for shoes made from the sponge—and they’re selling fast.

Please LISTEN PATIENTLY. And the question goes to three words I have blanked in the script below.


We’ve seen an abundance of bizarre fashion trends crop up of late. From see-through trousers to high heeled Crocs it seems there’s an odd outfit to be worn for every occasion. And the mastermind behind one of these ??? (two words missing) is back at it again, bringing us an overpriced accessory that could double as a way to clean the house.

That’s right, Christopher Kane, who turned Crocs into a must-have item last year, has now ??? (one word missing) a pair of shoes made from what looks like a common kitchen sponge.
Made from black patent leather, the stilettos are decorated with strips of yellow and blue sponge.

The sponge is placed along where the toes would be, around the back of the heel and on the strap. Some of the designs also feature a dazzling diamonds around the front. And they don’t come cheap at an eye-watering £800—almost double the price of the designer’s regular slingbacks which cost £450.

The striking shoes made their debut at a runway show in 2017, but have since become incredibly popular with shoppers online, with several retailers reporting they have sold out of their stock.

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