Let’s look at the answer to the last [Listening] episode first.

…one of these quirky creations is back at it again…

…has now launched a pair of shoes

I guess many of you got the correct answers!

Here comes the practice for today. Today’s listening is about raccoons come running for food as piped piper serenades them with Native American Flute.

Please LISTEN PATIENTLY. And the question goes to three words I have blanked in the script below.


These raccoons are under this man’s melodic spell – either that or he secretly has a pile food waiting for them.

The ??? (one word missing) moment, where almost two dozen of the mammals are called to their meal by music, was filmed at Brasher State Forest, a national woodland on the northern boundary of New York state with Canada.

Studies have shown music to calm certain animals, and in the case of these raccoons it ??? (one word missing) appears to be the case.

Raccoon’s hands are similar to human’s with five fingers and they use them to collect food, open shells and even doors. Raccoons have the ability to make sounds including hissing, growling, purring and ??? (one word missing).

Animals have a wide range of reactions to the sound of music – one study linked higher milk production in dairy cows to relaxing tunes played in their compound, according to a study at the University of Leicester.

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